•  Zinc Athletics’s Global Compliance Principles should be prominently posted and accessible to all workers. It should be posted in the language(s) of the workers.
  •  Relevant national or regional labor laws should be posted in the local language. The posted laws should cover such areas as: Minimum wage, overtime rates, work hours, leave, and limits on overtime.
     Factory personnel policies should cover: wages, benefits, deductions, vacations, leaves, regular and overtime hours, overtime rates, discipline, termination, grievance
    procedures, harassment and abuse.
  •  The factory should have a clear policy on worker discipline and established procedures for taking disciplinary action against a worker.
  •  The factory should have clear policies on the unacceptability of harassment and abuse on the part of supervisory staff as well as procedures for workers to report such incidents.
  •  The personnel policies should be written and distributed to all workers in the local language as well as being posted in public areas in the factory.
  •  The factory should educate illiterate workers as to the personnel policies.
  •  Factory should maintain a thorough personnel file for each employee. A copy of proof of age document must be included in the personnel file of each employee. The
    factory should not hold originals of such documents. Grievance history, records of pay increases or decreases, and accident reports should all be included in an employee's personnel file.
  •  Payroll records are best kept on a computer payroll system linked to time cards and payslips.
  •  All hourly and production workers must use a time clock, swipe card, or other reliable mechanical device, to their start and stop times.
  •  Workers must regularly receive clear and complete payslips:
  •  Payslip must be written in the local language.
  •  Payslips must clearly indicate the number of regular and overtime hours worked, the rate at which those hours are compensated, bonuses, benefits, and deductions.
  •  All workers should be free to move about the factory (except for the protection of facility property or security) or to leave the factory at will.